El Molinar


Of the same promotion that Haus Malle, but of different style and surface. In this case, the owner, who bought the house on plans, wanted a house that was more conventional and less modern than her neighbor, the Haus Malle.

Two hundred square meters of housing divided into three floors. On the first floor, we find a single room: kitchen, dining room, living room and a toilet that takes advantage of the stairwell. The main challenge, was to achieve that this staircase had movement, and was one of the protagonists of the architecture of the house, objective that was achieved, changing the type of railing in each section. The living room of this first floor gives access to a patio of one hundred square meters in which a 6x1m pool was built, and the original mosaic from the beginning of the century with marine motifs was preserved in one of the walls. In addition, they were designed for the other walls and to alleviate the feeling of patio, metal structures for climbing plants, achieving a sort of vertical garden that makes it an oasis in the city. The porch was built with beam I.P.