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The purpose of art is to give body to the secret essence of things and not copy their appearance.

Le Corbusier.


Space, light and order. These are the things that men need as much as bread or the place to sleep.

Charles Eames


Recognizing the need is the first requirement for design.

Stephen Drucker


Be honestly honest when you analyze how you live. If you never have guests, turn your dining room into a studio.

Yves Saint Laurent


A good design can stand the fashion of 10 years.


For hotels, Paula Téllez has designed from common areas, spas, terraces and pools, rooms, bathrooms, bars to complete projects. Besides carrying out the design, she deals with the coordination of the works in an integral manner. She has contact with the best suppliers and is able to adapt to any budget without renouncing to the vanguard, design and functionality which is so important in a tourist accommodation.
Paula Téllez does not conceive another way of working. She follows her projects daily and personally, including daily work visits and coordination of the different trades. Paula Téllez is synonymous with tranquility: accustomed to working under pressure and with delivery dates. And if she is synonymous with tranquility, her projects are, without exception, synonymous with success.
Carrying out a project for a tourist accommodation is having the ability to choose beautiful materials but at the same time functional and resistant. It is having the ability to make decisions on site. It means being able to direct several trades at the same time and that the result is the expected one at the agreed time. Its extensive experience in this sector endorses this designer as one of the most experienced in this field.
No two hotels are the same and therefore no two projects are the same. Paula Téllez does not impose an aesthetic line, adapts to the space, adapts to the budget and makes it personal and unique.

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