I was born in Madrid. Mallorca is my house. After thirty-five years of experience, two children and seven house move, I can say that it is true: we should not cling to the material; but you have to impregnate it with one's essence. That's what my work is about. To listen to what the house asks for, what its inhabitants ask for, and to conjugate it in a single equation that always yields the same result: HOME. A result that is, at the same time, many different results. Well, there are not two equal spaces, in the same way that there are not two identical people. It does not matter if they are houses, places of work or houses for days such as hotels ... the denominator is always the same: Interior Architecture and Paula Téllez mean turning the space into something personal. In something that communicates physically and spiritually with those who enjoy it. It's about taking the interiors a little further: making them places to live, create, develop, enjoy and feel. And do it, without giving up design. For all these reasons, they are spaces for people. Therefore and for everything, talking about me is talking about PEOPLE, SPACES and COMING BACK ... Well, I have spent more than thirty years dedicating myself to achieving SPACES to which PEOPLE always WANT TO RETURN.